Roast and Rye at Wit & Wisdom

Wit & Wisdom Tavern hosted an outdoor barbecue of sorts for “Baltimore’s American Treasures Culinary Experience” event. The event was to honor Baltimore’s 2016 top chefs, Zack Mills, Executive Chef at Wit & Wisdom and Jerry Pellegrino, Executive Chef at Schola.

Guests were welcomed with a signature cocktail sponsored by Sagamaore Spirit Rye Whiskey and made by Wit & Wisdom’s lead bartender, Jonathan Levy.

The “Welcome Cocktail”

The menu featured Blood Sausage, Barbecued Lamb Shoulder from Border Springs Farm served with Summer Succotash and Cheddar Grits.

Zack Mills (left) and Jerry Pellegrino (right)
Blood Sausage
Barbecued Lamb Shoulder
Cheddar Grits
Summer Succotash

I’m going to be honest, the Blood Sausage I didn’t like. That flavor has no grey area, you either like it or you don’t.  My friend loved it, but I absolutely did not.  The real star of the show (not pictured) was the roast made by Jerry Pellegrino. The roast was served on a slice of Rye bread with your choice of three BBQ style sauces and three picked relishes.  I had three of those bad boys and they were so good I devoured them each and forgot to take a photo…sorry not sorry.

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Recap: Chat and Chew Live with Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon

On Monday night I attended the Chat and Chew Live “Ladies Night Out” at Maryland Live Casino Rams Head Center Stage.  The event was an interactive, live talk show with guests Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon from Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Potomac.  The night was hosted by Chat and Chew Events and a portion of the ticket proceeds were donated to the Greater DC-Maryland Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Guest enjoyed a cocktail hour from 7-7:30 pm that included a Ciroc Red Berry signature cocktail titled “Pink Lady”.  Waitstaff also passed hors d’oeuvres of steak crostinis, and a variety of flatbread that included chicken, steak and pulled pork.  There was also a dinner buffet featuring carved roast, salad, lobster mac & cheese and marinara pasta.

Chicken Flatbread
Pulled Pork Flatbread
Small Salads
Side Salads

The Real Housewives of Potomac ladies looked FABULOUS! I mean, talk about inspiration. They were put together, poised, articulate and pretty much an open book.  They talked about everything from their first jobs, current feelings about their ex-husbands, opinions on other reality shows, race relations and everything in between.


#regram from @gizellebryant

Kudos to Chat and Chew Events for putting on a great show! I’m interested to see how they will top this event and who their future guests will be.

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Brunch at Gryphon DC – Come for the food and stay for the fun


A while back I attended the #STEAKANDEGGSSUNDAYS brunch at The Gryphon DC and I must say I didn’t expect to have such a good time! In addition to the brunch that runs from 11:30am-4:00pm, there is also a day party from 4-9pm.  Needless to say I spent my entire Sunday there.

I went with a few friends and we started off with the bottomless mimosas of course and we all ordered something different, so I was able to sample a few menu items.

Steak & Eggs
Shrimp & Grits
French Toast

My favorite brunch item was the French Toast – four thick challah bread half slices drizzled with berry compote, bourbon sauce, maple syrup and fresh fruit. It was AMAZING!  The Shrimp and Grits was very delicious. The grits were thick and the shrimp were large, but they only serve it with three shrimp and I wanted more.

After many mimosas we ordered hookah and stayed for the day party. This day party was hype, like a legit nightlife party.  The place was packed and the music was great!  Steak and Eggs Sunday at The Gryphon DC is definitely the move if you’re planning a full Sunday Funday

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Boozy Snowball from El Bufalo Tequila Bar and Kitchen


The Baltimore Snowball is a staple that every Baltimore Native and non-native look forward to during the summer months. Everybody has their favorite snowball stand and favorite flavor.  My favorite flavor is Egg Custard – no it doesn’t taste like egg and no it doesn’t actually include eggs.  It’s a sweet custard flavor that’s normally orange or yellow in flavor.  And of course no snowball is complete without a heaping topping of thick marshmallow or soft serve ice cream.

If the thought of an Egg Custard snowball isn’t enough, imagine my excitement when I scrolled across an Instagram photo of a boozy snowball from El Bufalo Tequila Bar and Kitchen in Canton, Baltimore.  I couldn’t  wait to try it!  I immediately visited on a Sunday afternoon with a friend and was pleased as punch that they had egg custard with marshmallow topping as well as a few other flavors.  It’s made like a normal snowball but you can choose the liquor of your choice to be added…I chose vodka.  OMG!!! So Good.  It’s my new fav!


Have you tried the boozy snowballs from El Bufalo?  What did you think?

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Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar


The happy hour is from 4-7pm daily at the bar and bar-area seating only. We visited on a Friday around 5:30pm and happy hour was well under way.  All the seats were filled around the bar so we stood around for a bit and stalked a few tables. Once we were seated, we went right in and immediately ordered cocktails.  The Mojitos, Margaritas and Sangria are only $5.00 and they were delicious. The drinks were strong and flavorful exactly what I’d expect from a cocktail bar. Sometimes inexpensive happy hour drinks are watered down, but these were not.  We ordered a second round of drinks a Mojito and Margarita again but this time we switched so whoever got the mojito the first time got the margarita the second time and vice versa.

Mojito and Strawberry Margarita
Shrimp Guacamole served with Fried Plantain and various chips


Blackened Fish Tacos (Top) and Yucca Fries (Bottom)
Blackened Fish Tacos
El Cubano Sandwich

The El Cubano sandwich was huge, larger than we expected and enough for two people to share.  The Yucca fries were interesting, I’ve never had yucca before it’s like a potato but flaky and it was also filling. It came with three dipping sauces which is always fun and adds flavor variety.  The Fish tacos were light and included coleslaw and pickled onions. We kept the selections light because afterwards we’d planned on going to another location in Annapolis, maybe another bar/restaurant.  We asked our waiter for suggestions on local places to visit and he was very helpful, he stood at the table and talked to us for about five minutes and wrote down a few locations on a napkin.

We mentioned that it was my friend’s birthday (because I wanted that free dessert) and he “surprised” us with a slice of Coconut Caramel Flan with coconut custard and caramel sauce.

Coconut Caramel Flan

And finally, what’s a rum bar without rum? We both ordered a rum flight from an extensive rum menu.  We ordered the “Aged” rum flight, this one jumped out at us because we both like El Dorado Rum and decided to give the other two rums a try.


Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar also has a late night happy hour Sunday-Thursday and the restaurant is located in Annapolis Towne Center and features free valet parking… sweet!  I would definitely visit again for happy hour, but this time I’d get there a little earlier.

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