Honey Harvest Dinner with Copper Kitchen

Copper Kitchen is a full-service catering company located in Maryland. They specialize in preparing seasonal and sustainable food with ingredients from local farmers and markets. Last week, I joined other local food bloggers and influencers for a  Farm-To-Table Honey Harvest Dinner at Piedmont Learning Center in Gwynn Oak, Maryland. They couldn’t have chosen a more gorgeous evening to host an outdoor dinner. The weather (no rain), décor, cocktails and food were un-bee-lievably perfect.

We arrived to the smokey smells of the chefs grilling vegetables, chicken and sausage. Copper Kitchen has an on-site 160 year old smokehouse where they smoke their meats. The set-up included four long tables with seating for 17 each and tiki torches surrounding the tables. The napkins were the star of the show because everyone loved them and mentioned how they gave the table a pop of color.

Peach Fizz

Guests were treated to wine, rose’ and pre-dinner craft cocktails made with fresh ingredients such as mint, lavender and peach puree.   My drink of choice was  the Peach Fizz because Bourbon is always a good idea. Keeping with the fresh ingredient theme, the jams and preserves featured on the cheese table were made scratch, Cooper Kitchen also does their own pickling.

Piedmont Learning Center has six beehives on the premises and a few brave souls volunteered to put on the protective gear and get up close and personal with the bees.  Myself and a few other guests chose the other educational option – scraping the honey comb and sampling the fresh honey.  I’ve never had honey that fresh and straight from the frame, it sweet and sticky. After tasting the fresh honey, I don’t want my honey any other way!

Once guests were seated at the dinner table, we were greeted by Chef Kevin Miller of Copper Kitchen and he gave us the origins and details of the food preparation. He explained how all the food was local, field to table and named some of the farms that provided the food, farms such as One Straw FarmStar Bright Farm , and Charlottetown Farm.  The menu consisted of Herb Roasted Chicken, Summer Salad, Grilled Vegetables, Sausage, Apple Cider Rolls and Roasted Corn, Tomatoes and Kale. The condiments were exceptional, everyone at my table loved the chimichurri and peach butter.

Everything was delicious! Seriously, no need to waste space on the blog describing everything…it was all really good.  I wouldn’t expect anything else from farm fresh ingredients.  I will say that the chicken was my favorite, tender and flavorful I wanted to make a sandwich…slap some chicken on a roll and add the peach butter. Everyone also received a swag bag with Copper Kitchen’s House Made Peach Preserves.. Yummm!

The Piedmont Learning Center was the perfect place for this beautiful outdoor dinner. In partnership with Copper Kitchen, they also host weddings and other events there.  The learning center is dedicated to teaching youth about beekeeping, gardening, healthy eating, outdoor and environmental education – as a foodie this is learning I can truly appreciate.

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BlueBird Cocktail Room


As a former bartender, craft cocktails are something I can appreciate. So you can imagine my excitement was on another level when I heard about The BlueBird Cocktail Room, a new bar opening in Hampden. I’ve wanted to explore more restaurants and bars in Hamden, Baltimore because I have a few friends that live in that neighborhood and I’m always in the area.  Last Friday, I attended a blogger Happy Hour/Meet-Up and finally got a chance to check it out.

Tropic of Quebec
Mint Julep
The Handsome Devil
Ricotta Stuffed Squash Blossoms
Lamb Meatballs

Happy Hour is definitely the time to do a little menu sampling. The appetizer bites are 1/2 priced Monday-Friday from 5-7pm and because we were with a large group I got a chance to sample a few items.  The Happy Hour cocktails are $5 house wines, $5 Pimm’s cups, and $2 Natty Bohs. My favorites on the food menu were the lamb meatballs and squash blossoms. They gave me five meatballs which were so filling, I almost didn’t’ have room for anything else.  The “Tropic of Quebec” cocktail is an Orange Creamsicle in a glass, so sweet and reminiscent of childhood on a hot summer day.

The décor is somewhat romantic… think chandeliers, dark floors, dark blue walls, blue sofas with bright yellow accents. They have a long high-top table in the middle of the space and quiet, intimate sofas and corner tables along the perimeter. You have to order your food/drinks at the bar and the server gives you a number to take back to your seat.  The food and drinks arrived at the table pretty fast, which was a good thing because the space was filled with customers on a Friday evening.

This would be a perfect place to impress a first date!  Send me a message or reply, tell me what you think. Also, I need suggestions for your favorite bars and restaurants in Hampden.

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Total Package The Mag Launch Party

I’m one of those women that love to share positive articles online, blog posts, podcasts, ted talks or anything that is uplifting to me or my circle of friends. If you’re like this too, TP The Mag is the website for you.  This website is all about women – empowering women, uplifting women and advising women.  Their slogan is MILFS which stands for Mogul, Intimacy, Lifestyle, Fitness and Singles.

My recent #SundayFunday included visiting the hot new restaurant Citron Baltimore and attending the launch party for the new lifestyle magazine.

One of the many event sponsors was D’usse Cognac and the bar created specialty D’usse cocktails for the event.  I love ginger beer so ordered the “Ladies LUV D’usse” and it was very tasty. I took my drink out onto the beautiful patio that boast views across the quarry lake.

Sunday Sippin 🥃at the @tpthemag launch party

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I couldn’t resist a photo with that view.

Citron Baltimore provided a few tasty hor d’oeuvres for the event.


My favorite was the Broccolini Pizza Bites.  I asked them what exactly was “Broccolini” and the server said it was a hybrid of Broccoli and Asparagus.  The pizza included Whipped Ricotta, Mozzarella, Chevre, Oregano and Roasted Garlic.

Be sure to log onto http://www.tpthemag.com and check out their website.  They also sell fitness and lifestyle merchandise. If you haven’t done so already, visit Citron Baltimore. It’s tucked away in a quiet spot just off the quarry lake, perfect for date night or a night out with friends.

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Vino 301 Concierge: A Beverage Adventure For All Liquor Lovers


I’ll admit, I’m a bit indecisive and I want it all.  Clothes, shoes, food, liquor – give me options!  Imagine my excitement when I found out there was an adult beverage tour in Maryland that allowed you to tour and taste Wine, Beer and Liquor all in one day. The Vino 301 Wine Concierge hosts a full-service wine and spirits tour at various wineries, breweries and distilleries across Maryland.  They provide transportation complete with a personal tour guide to answer all of your questions along the way. There are many tours to choose from,  you can select a wine tour only, wine and chocolate tour, wine and cheese tour, wine and food tour, wine tasting classes and wine tasting parties… you get my drift.  On this particular Saturday, my best friend and I enjoyed our adventure on the Wine, Beer and Spirit Tour, it was truly a spirited beverage adventure.

My tour departure time was 11:00 am on a Saturday morning, Vino 301 conveniently provided two pickup locations. I was excited to get a 9:30 am. reminder text from our tour guide Christina confirming my pick-up location  Once we arrived at the park & ride location we were greeted by our transportation vehicle – a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger van…what a way to tour in style! Once inside the van, my best friend and I met our tour mates – a father, daughter duo and another female tour guest. Our tour guide Christina joined us bringing our total to six tour participants. Christina was extremely knowledgeable about the locations we were visiting and the wine we would drinking.  She is a Sommelier who studied in Washington State among other places. I liked the small tour group because it gave us each a chance to navigate through the different distillery spaces and it also gave us a chance to ask lots of questions.

Transportation and Driver
Our tour guide Christina

Our first stop on the tour was Linganore Winery and Vinyard. I’ve visited that location before during one of their reggae festivals but because there were so many people there I didn’t get the chance to fully see or tour the grounds. On this quiet Saturday afternoon, the grounds were buzzing with guests eating and drinking on the outdoor patio, buying wine from the retail store and touring the winery.

Bacchus – The Roman God of Wine


Once inside, we were greeted by our winery tour guide Brandon who gave us a little history of the Linganore Family. Did you know… Linganore is the second oldest winery in Maryland and the largest in Maryland , twenty different grapes are used in blending their wines and they’ve won over 200 awards throughout the years – that’s pretty impressive.  He also gave us a tour of the area where the wines are made, stored and packaged.

Brandon giving us a history lesson

We ended Brandon’s tour with a wine tasting featuring 12 of Linganore’s most popular wines. I can honestly say they carefully selected each wine because they all had a different taste.  We were each given a wine list, wine glass, a small chocolate and a cracker.  The chocolate and cracker are used to break up the taste and refresh the palate. Lorrie was our tasting room attendant, she was friendly, efficient and fast…she kept the wine coming. The wine list was helpful because it gave a description of each wine and we were able to make notes of the ones we liked and didn’t like. This was helpful because it made it easier to select which wine you’d like to buy after the tour.  They also gave us a dump bucket to empty the wine we didn’t drink or didn’t like, of course I never used that bucket. LOL!


Happy Wine Faces!!! That’s me on the right.

Our next stop on the tour was the Red Shedman Brewery, also located on the Linganore vineyard steps away from the winery.  We didn’t tour the brewery but we did have a tasting similar to the one at the winery. We were given a list of beers and were asked to choose six we’d like to sample.  Of course I loved the Raspberry Cider because I like sweet beer. The Lemon Shandy and Coconut Porter rounded out my top three.

After our beer flight, we hopped back on the sedan and headed to our last stop, Dragon Distillery in Frederick, MD. Dragon is located in a business park next to a local airport. With the name “Dragon Distillery,” the interior has to live up to the name … and it does.  The retail/tasting room is adorned with everything knights and dragons, there was even a cute dog bartender named “Thor”.

Dragon Distillery makes nine liquors for sale, variations of Vodka, Gin, Rum, Bourbon and Moonshine.  They even have their Bourbon making class that hosts a half-day session teaching participants how to make bourbon and they allow you to take a bottle home – that sounds like the ultimate experience for any Bourbon lover.  Just like the previous stops, we were given a menu of sorts to choose three liquors we’d like to sample. In Maryland, we have a law that states distilleries are only allowed pour three one-ounce samples per guest, so we were given a menu to choose our three. With flavors like Cherry Almond Vodka, Medieval Mint Vodka and  Lemon Meringue Moonshine it’s kind of hard to just choose three. The packaging is also pretty cool.

Our bartender “Thor”

Vino 301 Concierge has everything you’d want in a wine or liquor tour. It was professional and organized. This is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates wine and also a good girlfriends day trip. Visit their website and check out all the tours they have to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

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TellTale Restaurant at Delta Marriott Baltimore

Delta Marriott Baltimore is one of the newest hotels in Downtown Baltimore. Originally an office building built in 1904, the newly renovated hotel kept some of the original features like the painted original brick in the hallways but also added new features such as a restaurant and bar on the first level. Keeping with Baltimore’s favorite theme of Edgar Allan Poe, the restaurant was named “TellTale” after his famous short story. The hotel also has colorful purple and pink Ravens on the carpet, also a nod to Poe’s famous poem and our beloved Baltimore football team. The restaurant served dinner only when it opened January 2017. The hours were recently changed and the kitchen is now open 11 am – 11 pm, the bar is open until 1:00 am and they’ve added happy hour on Monday and Thursday 5-7pm. I was invited to join other Baltimore food bloggers in sampling a few items from the new menu.

During my visit, I sampled two of their handcrafted cocktails – “Three Roses” and the “Dream Within a Dream”.  Both were great but lately I’ve had a fondness for Sagamore Rye, therefore, the “Dream Within a Dream” edged out the other cocktail as my favorite of the two.

Three Roses
Dream Within A Dream

The small plate servings were endless. They were coming to our table one after another and I appreciated that.  I also liked the variety of items on the small plate menu.

Avocado Caprese Toast
Avacado, Mango and Crab Stack


Pulled Pork Tacos
Steak Crostini
Garlic Parmesan Wings


Strawberry Bruschetta


Watermelon and Feta Stack

Here’s a quick rundown of my thoughts on the small plate items…

Avocado Caprese Toast – Thick toast, fresh avocado, very filling
Avocado, Mango and Crab Stack – Crabmeat was sweet, this dish is perfect if you’re looking for something light to eat
Pulled Pork Tacos – Pulled pork marinated in BBQ sauce with a spicy kick, coleslaw was fresh and delicious
Steak Crostini – One of my favs of the night, the steak is marinated in Coca-Cola giving it a hint of sweetness, the steak was tender
Garlic Parmesan Wings – Great flavor, could give iBar Baltimore a little competition
Meatballs – Hearty, flavorful, can be eaten alone as a meal
Strawberry Bruschetta – Sweet and Savory, very delicious, I almost feel like it should be on the dessert menu
Watermelon and Feta Stack – Tasty mix of sweet watermelon and bitter feta cheese, it’s like eating a salad with watermelon

Our Entree of Salmon, Asparagus and Goat Cheese Risotto was perfect. A simple dish with simple ingredients that hit all the right taste points.  I especially liked the goat cheese risotto, It was my favorite of the night. I’ve never quite had that taste combination but it was amazing…makes me want to try and make it at home, or I’ll just keep going back to TellTale to order it.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, be sure to visit and tell them Arli’s Appetite sent you!

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