Brunch at Gryphon DC – Come for the food and stay for the fun


A while back I attended the #STEAKANDEGGSSUNDAYS brunch at The Gryphon DC and I must say I didn’t expect to have such a good time! In addition to the brunch that runs from 11:30am-4:00pm, there is also a day party from 4-9pm.  Needless to say I spent my entire Sunday there.

I went with a few friends and we started off with the bottomless mimosas of course and we all ordered something different, so I was able to sample a few menu items.

Steak & Eggs
Shrimp & Grits
French Toast

My favorite brunch item was the French Toast – four thick challah bread half slices drizzled with berry compote, bourbon sauce, maple syrup and fresh fruit. It was AMAZING!  The Shrimp and Grits was very delicious. The grits were thick and the shrimp were large, but they only serve it with three shrimp and I wanted more.

After many mimosas we ordered hookah and stayed for the day party. This day party was hype, like a legit nightlife party.  The place was packed and the music was great!  Steak and Eggs Sunday at The Gryphon DC is definitely the move if you’re planning a full Sunday Funday

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Boozy Snowball from El Bufalo Tequila Bar and Kitchen


The Baltimore Snowball is a staple that every Baltimore Native and non-native look forward to during the summer months. Everybody has their favorite snowball stand and favorite flavor.  My favorite flavor is Egg Custard – no it doesn’t taste like egg and no it doesn’t actually include eggs.  It’s a sweet custard flavor that’s normally orange or yellow in flavor.  And of course no snowball is complete without a heaping topping of thick marshmallow or soft serve ice cream.

If the thought of an Egg Custard snowball isn’t enough, imagine my excitement when I scrolled across an Instagram photo of a boozy snowball from El Bufalo Tequila Bar and Kitchen in Canton, Baltimore.  I couldn’t  wait to try it!  I immediately visited on a Sunday afternoon with a friend and was pleased as punch that they had egg custard with marshmallow topping as well as a few other flavors.  It’s made like a normal snowball but you can choose the liquor of your choice to be added…I chose vodka.  OMG!!! So Good.  It’s my new fav!


Have you tried the boozy snowballs from El Bufalo?  What did you think?

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Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar

Bae loves Rum, so it was only right for us to visit a rum bar for his birthday.  He previously mentioned one of his favs – Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar in Annapolis, MD.  I’d never heard of this restaurant and naturally perused the website and found they had an amazing happy hour.


The happy hour is from 4-7pm daily at the bar and bar-area seating only. We visited on a Friday around 5:30pm and happy hour was well under way.  All the seats were filled around the bar so we stood around for a bit and stalked a few tables. Once we were seated, we went right in and immediately ordered cocktails.  The Mojitos, Margaritas and Sangria are only $5.00 and they were delicious. The drinks were strong and flavorful exactly what I’d expect from a cocktail bar. Sometimes inexpensive happy hour drinks are watered down, but these were not.  We ordered a second round of drinks a Mojito and Margarita again but this time we switched so whoever got the mojito the first time got the margarita the second time and vice versa.

Mojito and Strawberry Margarita
Shrimp Guacamole served with Fried Plantain and various chips


Blackened Fish Tacos (Top) and Yucca Fries (Bottom)
Blackened Fish Tacos
El Cubano Sandwich

The El Cubano sandwich was huge, larger than we expected and enough for two people to share.  The Yucca fries were interesting, I’ve never had yucca before it’s like a potato but flaky and it was also filling. It came with three dipping sauces which is always fun and adds flavor variety.  The Fish tacos were light and included coleslaw and pickled onions. We kept the selections light because afterwards we’d planned on going to another location in Annapolis, maybe another bar/restaurant.  We asked our waiter for suggestions on local places to visit and he was very helpful, he stood at the table and talked to us for about five minutes and wrote down a few locations on a napkin.

Of course I mentioned to the waiter that it was Bae’s birthday (because I wanted that free dessert) and he “surprised” us with a slice of Coconut Caramel Flan with coconut custard and caramel sauce.

Coconut Caramel Flan

And finally, what’s a rum bar without rum? We both ordered a rum flight from an extensive rum menu.  We ordered the “Aged” rum flight, this one jumped out at us because we both like El Dorado Rum and decided to give the other two rums a try.


Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar also has a late night happy hour Sunday-Thursday and the restaurant is located in Annapolis Towne Center and features free valet parking… sweet!  I would definitely visit again for happy hour, but this time I’d get there a little earlier.

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Breakfast at The Corner Pantry

I read somewhere that The Corner Pantry  , just north of the Mt. Washington neighborhood had the best eggs.  I am a person who loves eggs and can’t eat breakfast without them so naturally I had to check it out for myself.


Literally tucked on the corner of a quant shopping center on Falls Road is a cute brown brick restaurant with a stripped awning.  I found a parking spot directly in front of the café and immediately noticed the rustic green tables used for outdoor seating and the sidewalk chalkboard used to display the daily specials.  Inside the café there are about six tables and two long window ledge tables with hightop chairs and the kitchen area has an open window concept.



Freshly made pastries sit behind a glass enclosed window and the self-serve cold counter includes yogurt, fruit and nuts.  The friendly cashier advised me to take my time looking over the menu after I told her I was a newbie to The Corner Pantry.  I did mention to her that I wanted to try the eggs and she suggested the bacon, egg and cheddar sandwich with house-made bacon and biscuit.



The food arrived fast and as you can see picture perfect. The bacon was thick and with a little spice and the eggs were fluffy and cheesy.  I was a little hesitant about eating only the sandwich and contemplated ordering something else on the side because I didn’t think it would be  enough but I was wrong.  The sandwich was big and stuffed with egg and bacon, I was so full that I couldn’t finish the entire biscuit.  I also ordered a cappuccino and it was tasty, but I wish it was hotter, I understand they don’t want to serve it extremely hot for fear it might burn someone, but my drink was almost room temperature.  I would definitely check out The Corner Pantry again just for this delicious egg sandwich.  Have you been to The Corner Pantry?  What is your favorite dish to order?

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The Secret Life Of Pets

Admittedly I am not a pet person. My family isn’t fond of pets and the only “pet” I ever had growing up was a goldfish.  Yesterday, for some strange reason the universe put the two cutest pets in my path.

Yesterday morning I visited Dovecoat Café for breakfast and the owner’s dog came right up to me and sat at my feet.  I know she was only there looking for me to throw her a few crumbs, but I thought she was the sweetest little dog. dog

After my work day was done, I went to a friend’s house and drank a few cocktails.  Her normally shy cat was also semi-circling my feet.   This was so weird, what are the odds? Two pets in one day.


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