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Summer is here and I decided to have a random photo shoot at work with my friend’s bike. Why? Because it was a nice day outside and I was eating lunch in the courtyard and I had on a cute dress.

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What I’d Wear To A Kardashian Kasual Brunch

I love the Kardashians.  There, I said it and I’m not taking it back.  I love them for their business sense, their calm under pressure and most importantly their fashion-forward clothing choices.

I went to a friend’s birthday brunch a few months ago and afterwards I looked over all the photos I’d taken and realized that I was dressed like a Kardashian – tight dress, neutral colors, killer heels and trendy jewelry.  This is exactly what I would wear if I was invited to brunch with the Kardashians…





I imagine Khloe would cook because she likes to cook and entertain.  We would eat omelettes, chicken & waffles, shrimp & grits, some type of salad and drink mimosas.  A girl can dream, right?

KK22 KK33 KK44

What celebrity would you love to have brunch with?  What would you wear?


Stripped Palazzo Pants

My top priority when dressing for brunch is being comfortable.  Everyone knows brunch includes lots of food, bottomless mimosas, and an expanding waistline.



I wore these Palazzo Pants to brunch a few months ago, when it was still warm, and they were so comfy with the perfect amount of stretch.  The vertical stripes give the illusion of long legs.  My best friend says they remind her of the Balmain Palazzo Pants.  The top is a short-sleeve body suit with equal amounts of stretch.  And I matched it up with a blue necklace and chunky ring.

Similar Pants:  Here, Here, and Here

What is your favorite brunch outfit?

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