It seems like just yesterday I was sitting on the patio at the Harbor East Gordon Biersch location, looking out at the cranes and construction equipment at the newly open Harbor Point. Fast forward to summer 2017 and Harbor Point is up and running complete with apartments, a coffee shop, a furniture store and Baltimore’s newest outdoor attraction – Sandlot.  It’s a concept by Chef Spike Gjerde of Woodberry Kitchen.  The name is an homage to the baseball movie with the same name.  Sandlot can be described as a Baltimore Beach but on the harbor – a manmade beach with sand, sun and fun without the swimming.  It’s an adult playground with volleyball courts, giant jenga, sidewalk chalk, hammocks, corn hole, bocce ball and top 40’s blasting from the speakers.  I’ve been to Sandlot about five times since it’s opened and I’d say by day it’s family and dog friendly and at night it has a laid back beach party vibe that us locals enjoy.  Also, the views at night are incredible, you can see across the Baltimore skyline.  It’s normally open from 4-11pm daily but times can get delayed if it rains. 

My first visit to Sandlot was their opening day and it was packed, so packed that I stood in the line for about 45 minutes just to order a cocktail.  They’ve since worked out the cocktail kinks by adding extra beer stations around the site and allowing servers to take orders at your seat.  The cocktail selection normally includes your normal liquor selection, beer and a few frozen drink specials…gotta have the frozen drinks at the beach.

The food options include traditional American Fare such as Nachos, Specialty Hot Dogs, Chicken, Fish, Potato Salad, Onion Rings and many more options. Since I’ve visited several times, I’ve been able to try a variety of entrees.

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich
Rotisserie Chicken
Crab Fritters
Chessie Nachos

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich –  Lightly fried, topped with fresh, crunchy, tangy cole slaw on a soft toasted bun… This soft shell crab sandwich was one of the best I’ve ever had.
Rotisserie Chicken – I had the chicken twice. The photo above is my first sampling and it was flavorful and falling of the bone good. My second time having it, wasn’t that great. I guess it’s a hit or miss.
Crab Fritters– Lots of corn, not enough crab.  But the chilli pepper jam made up for it…so good.
Chessie Nachos – The menu offers a variety of five nacho options. The Chessie is topped with smoked fish, crab, corn salsa, beer cheese, onion and jalapeños.  I ordered them because I’ve never had smoked fish nachos. Lots of fish and crab on every chip.  These are great if you like seafood.

Sandlot is definitely the place to take out of town guests to show them how cool we are in Baltimore.  Or visit for a chill weekday evening or a people watching weekend.

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