On a Sunday morning hunt for a brunch location, my best friend and I decided to visit Wayward Kitchen and Bar for the second time.  The first time we visited my best friend forgot her ID and they wouldn’t serve us Mimosas so we left. This time we were prepared to show proper identification because honestly, what’s brunch without mimosas?

Walking into the restaurant I was impressed by the Bloody Mary Bar, it’s a shame I don’t like them.  I’ll take a sip of someone else’s if they order one, but I would never order one myself.  We chose to sit at the bar and immediately ordered the bottomless mimosas.



The brunch menu consists of the staple items such as omelettes, salads, sandwiches, wraps, skillets, French toast, waffles and something special that caught my eye…the benny.  Benny is short for Eggs Benedict and it’s basically an open-faced eggs benedict sandwich. Wayward has three variations of the Benny. I ordered the Sobo Benny, my best friend ordered the Baltimore Benny and we also ordered a Peaches and Cream Waffle topped with Whiskey Whipped Cream.

Sobo Benny
Baltimore Benny


Funny story… the first item to come out was a Bris-Cuit Benny, but we didn’t order that. The server mistakenly put in the Bris-Cuit Benny instead of the Baltimore Benny, so he ordered the correct one and told us to keep the incorrect one free of charge.  Sad for my friend because she doesn’t eat brisket but more for meeee.

Bris-Cuit Benny
Bris-Cuit Benny

Having sampled all the Benny options, my favorite was the Sobo Benny. I love scrapple, can’t help it I was raised on it.  I never thought cornbread topped with scrapple, poached egg and gravy could be so good. I also enjoyed the whiskey whipped cream served on my waffle.  I could really taste the whiskey but it wasn’t overpowering because the peach puree cut the flavor.

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