Wit & Wisdom Tavern hosted an outdoor barbecue of sorts for “Baltimore’s American Treasures Culinary Experience” event. The event was to honor Baltimore’s 2016 top chefs, Zack Mills, Executive Chef at Wit & Wisdom and Jerry Pellegrino, Executive Chef at Schola.

Guests were welcomed with a signature cocktail sponsored by Sagamaore Spirit Rye Whiskey and made by Wit & Wisdom’s lead bartender, Jonathan Levy.

The “Welcome Cocktail”

The menu featured Blood Sausage, Barbecued Lamb Shoulder from Border Springs Farm served with Summer Succotash and Cheddar Grits.

Zack Mills (left) and Jerry Pellegrino (right)
Blood Sausage
Barbecued Lamb Shoulder
Cheddar Grits
Summer Succotash

I’m going to be honest, the Blood Sausage I didn’t like. That flavor has no grey area, you either like it or you don’t.  My friend loved it, but I absolutely did not.  The real star of the show (not pictured) was the roast made by Jerry Pellegrino. The roast was served on a slice of Rye bread with your choice of three BBQ style sauces and three picked relishes.  I had three of those bad boys and they were so good I devoured them each and forgot to take a photo…sorry not sorry.

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