The Baltimore Snowball is a staple that every Baltimore Native and non-native look forward to during the summer months. Everybody has their favorite snowball stand and favorite flavor.  My favorite flavor is Egg Custard – no it doesn’t taste like egg and no it doesn’t actually include eggs.  It’s a sweet custard flavor that’s normally orange or yellow in flavor.  And of course no snowball is complete without a heaping topping of thick marshmallow or soft serve ice cream.

If the thought of an Egg Custard snowball isn’t enough, imagine my excitement when I scrolled across an Instagram photo of a boozy snowball from El Bufalo Tequila Bar and Kitchen in Canton, Baltimore.  I couldn’t  wait to try it!  I immediately visited on a Sunday afternoon with a friend and was pleased as punch that they had egg custard with marshmallow topping as well as a few other flavors.  It’s made like a normal snowball but you can choose the liquor of your choice to be added…I chose vodka.  OMG!!! So Good.  It’s my new fav!


Have you tried the boozy snowballs from El Bufalo?  What did you think?

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