The Dizz  located at 300 W. 30th Street,  is a happening Hampden staple Hon! No matter when I visit this place it’s always bustling with people and food is consistently coming out of the kitchen. The Dizz is two-levels and I’ve noticed they reserve the upper level for larger parties.  I especially love when I visit and the front and side patio areas are decorated with colorful plants and umbrellas or festive holiday decorations. Recently, I visited with a friend for a quick bite to eat during lunch and The Dizz did not disappoint.

The menu is extensive, they offer appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, platters, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, daily specials and much more. My friend and I decided on sandwiches because that seemed like the lighter mid-day option.  Boy were we wrong… in a good way. The sandwiches were huge! All sandwiches come with a heaping side of fries, you have a choice of curly fries, regular fries or sweet potato fries.   I ordered the Blackened Salmon BLT.  I asked the server to add avocado slices, because avocado makes everything better.  When she brought my sandwich out she said “Wow, it looks delicious with the avocado!”

Blackened Salmon BLT with curly fries
Look at the size of that salmon!
Look at the size of that salmon!

The salmon was so big that is couldn’t fit on my average-sized kaiser roll…I love it when I get more food than expected.  This was a massive piece of salmon.  The salmon was perfectly tender and seasoned well. The roll was fresh and so was the tomato and avocado.

My friend ordered the Roast Beef Sandwich on Rye melted provolone.  He commented that the roast beef was moist and he especially liked the dijon horseradish mustard that came on the sandwich.

Roast Beef on Rye with Melted Provolone

As I said, I’ve been to The Dizz many times before and another one of my favorites is the Cornmeal Encrusted Cajun Catfish.  This catfish is delicious.  The cornmeal on the outside is crispy and the fish is moist and juicy.  I’ve gotten this more times than I can remember.

Cornmeal Encrusted Cajun Catfish

Have you visited The Dizz?  I would love to know your favorite meal to order.  Please comment below.

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