Every now and again I come across a unique event invite that catches my attention and #EatArt was one of those events.  The concept of this event was “Food meets Art” or “Art meets Food” … whichever way you prefer.  I assumed to expect food and art but I didn’t know any other details so of course I was intrigued.  The event was hosted by Culinary Socialite Chef Cat and The Incredible Creation.  Chef Cat is a chef at Dovecoat Café, one of my favorite places to get a bomb breakfast sandwich.


I pulled up to the Impact Hub in North Avenue’s famed Arts District and immediately found a space in front of the building on the street.  I think they also have a parking lot because people were walking from the side of the building into the front door. Looking inside a large window as I walked to the front door I saw paintings I from some of the evening’s featured artists.

Walking in I noticed the bar and headed straight for it – if you read this blog regularly, you know how I get down.  Guests were encouraged to try one of the bright yellow-colored complimentary drinks on the bar.  One of the bartenders told me it was a “Pineapple Cocktail Punch”.  There was also a full bar available for mixing other cocktails.



After I grabbed my drink and began to walk around a bit, I learned each artist was paired with a chef to collaborate on a painting and a signature dish.  There were six artists total and five chefs, one of the chefs didn’t show, but that was fine because the lone artists did well on his own.

First up was Chef Cat with the help of Sous Chef Robbie she created a dish with Spicy Italian Sausage, Quail Eggs, Kale, Plantain, and beet hummus.  I think they did a great job with the food interpretation they presented based on the artist’s work.

Chef Robbie concentration on cracking those tiny quail eggs




Next up was the lone ranger and his burger painting.  If you ask me his art didn’t need food accompaniment because I wanted to bite that burger right off the canvas.


The Wisdom Cake Company baked miniature cupcakes and I sampled the maple cinnamon buttercream with chocolate cake.


Chef Biscuit had a great presentation with her Lamb Ball with peach and mint yogurt, fried plantain and cinnamon sticks.  Her paired artist created and island inspired painting to compliment the dish.


When the food matches the purse 💚 that's art! #eatart

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As I made my way to the other room I noticed a larger crowd starting to form as they were making their way in and mingling with other guest.  The Impact Hub is an open and clean space to host a workshop or event. Artwork adorned the walls and there are two large rooms and several smaller more intimate meeting rooms.






In the other large room was a live band entertaining the crowd, vendors and more food and artists.




An inclusive food event wouldn’t be complete without a vegan option and Chef Ishan Bey nailed it with his Vegan Lamb Chop and Blue Mashed Potatoes.  He also made a Butterfly Pea Blue Tea.  His artists artwork was very eye catching, for obvious reasons.  I think he did a great job with the colors and the lines and capturing the food that Chef Bey prepared.



Chef Justin Holloman created a deconstructed Mexican Street Taco.  He was hard at work on the presentation, he gets and A+ for that.




The artists are hard at work #EatArt

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This was a great event for food and art lovers alike! Be sure to follow @culinary_socialite on Instagram for more events.

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