Being born and raised in Baltimore, MD it’s a given that you must like the colors purple and orange – Purple for the Baltimore Ravens and Orange for the Baltimore Orioles. I’ve had a brand new bottle of Viniq Shimmer Liqueur on my home bar for a while now and finally decided to crack it open and make a cocktail.  If you’ve not familiar with Viniq it’s a shimmery liqueur fusion of vodka, moscato and fruit flavors. I was introduced to Viniq about three years ago when I went to their Baltimore launch party.  I guess you can say I was missing my Baltimore Ravens and feeling the purple pride when I came up with the Pretty Purple Kiss …



2 oz Purple Viniq

1.5 oz. Citrus Vodka

1 oz. Lemon Juice


Pour vodka, Viniq and Lemon Juice into a cocktail shaker

Shake well

Pour into Martini glass

*I added a little lemon zest to the drink above to add a little color.

Now I need to get my hands on the red Viniq so that I can make an orange cocktail.  Have you tried Viniq Shimmer Liqueur? Did you drink it straight or mix it?  Comment Below.

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