On Saturday afternoon, I attended the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival held at Timonium Fairgrounds and I must say… The three B’s was the Bees Knees!

I arrived at the fairgrounds around 2:00 pm on Saturday just in time for my general admission session.  Other guests visited on Friday night and the VIP ticket holders were invited to start the festivities at noon on Saturday.  I’m a newbie to the BBB Festival and the Timonium Fairgrounds, so I was pleased to discover the parking was free and the parking lots are fairly close to the main event area.


There was a long line of general admission patrons waiting to get into the event, but there were also plenty of staff directing the lines and this made the process run smoothly and the line moved fast.  Once inside guests grabbed their free tasting glass for unlimited beer and bourbon samples. There were three sections at the festival — the main entrance area, the Bourbon west wing and the Beer east wing.  I headed for the beer side first because I’m not a big beer drinker and I wanted to save the bourbon tasting for last.



The beer area was pretty busy with guests moving from booth to booth.  There were booths positioned along the walls and in the middle of the space.  Over 60 beers were available to sample with a variety of IPA’s, seasonal favorites, domestic, imported, local brands and ciders.


There was also beer “Tasting Theater” area featuring some of the fan favorites. Each class held 50 slots and were first come, first seat. There were four classes total and I attended the tasting for Jailbreak Brewing.   I know, I know, I said I’m not a beer drinker but I couldn’t help it because the art featured on the cans was pretty cool and with beer names like Big Punisher and VanDammit this made the tasting experience even more interesting.




Of course the Big Punisher beer is named after the late New York rapper.  Jailbreak founders thought he was so interesting they wanted to name a beer after him. The Big Punisher has a high alcohol content of 9% that will definitely punish you. And it has big tropical flavors such as mango, apricot, and motueka from New Zealand. The Van Dammit is named after Belgium Action Superstar, Jean-Claude Van Damm.  It’s a strong beer and their most expensive to make, so expensive they only make it twice per year.

In addition to the beer vendors there were also craft and food vendors selling specialty items and brands.






Moving over to the Bourbon side of the event, that seemed to be the recreational area.  There was a cigar smoking lounge, a live band and a game area.








The festival featured over 40 bourbons and other liquors. I headed straight for the premium bourbon booth and wouldn’t you know I’m third in line when they ran out of the top-shelf brands. *sad face* …maybe I should have come over to this side first.

The bourbon lady showing us the last drop in the bottle.

Not to fear, they still had plenty of the other brands available to taste.  I sampled Four Roses, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek, Fire Fly and many more. I must say I was impressed with the pouring size because they were NOT stingy with the liquor.





On to the barbecue…there were about 15 food vendors at the event, but honestly I was so busy with the beer tastings and bourbon samplings that I didn’t have time to carefully consider my food options.




He doesn’t look happy about me taking his photo, maybe I should have left a tip.


I had a blast at the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival!  Next year I’ll be sure to plan it out more carefully so I can sample the famous BBQ. #BeerBourbonBBQ

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