I’ve been hearing a buzz about Dooby’s (802 N. Charles St) Noodle Bowls for some time now and this week I visited the Mt. Vernon, Baltimore restaurant on a mission to finally try one of the famous bowls.

I went there during the lunch rush hour and as expected it was pretty busy.  Dooby’s is a coffee shop/restaurant with high-top tables in the main dining area and window and wall high-top seating.  There is an upper-level dining area with standard, more formal tables.  Menus are placed at the door and once you order at the counter, you take a number, have a seat and a staff member brings your food.


Dooby’s has a “build-a-bowl” style ordering system.  First you pick the base (rice, noodle, salad or wrap) and then you pick the protein (chicken, steak, meatballs, salmon, veggie or tofu). I decided on the Korean BBQ Steak over Sir Fry Noodles.

Korean BBQ Steak Noddle Bowl

I must say it was an excellent choice! The steak was seasoned well and thinly sliced and it was a very hearty portion, I had steak in every bite.  There was plenty of noodles and broccoli in the bowl also, it was so large I almost didn’t finish it all.

Roasted Chicken Lettuce Wrap with Sweet Soy Ginger Sauce

My best friend ordered the Roasted Chicken Lettuce Wrap with Brown Rice and  Sweet Soy Ginger Sauce .  The Ginger Sauce was delicious, I kept sneaking pieces of her chicken and dipping it in the sauce… I think I even dipped my steak in it.  The Lettuce Wrap was a perfect light lunch entree.

We also ordered a small appetizer to share.

Pan-fried Chesapeake Dumplings with crab, shrimp, scallops and aioli

The seafood dumplings were great!  So much flavor in two bites. I could taste each seafood ingredient separately and they fit well together.  I was mad I didn’t order my own serving.

If you are in the mood for a hearty filling meal, definitely order one of the noodle bowls.  I have to try their freshly home-brewed coffee on my next visit.

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