Some time ago I wrote for a local blog and interviewed young Baltimore Chef Craig Curbean.  Fast forward years later and he is now co-owner of the soul food restaurant Taste This Baltimore (102 East 25th Street  and  4915 Harford Road). Recently I visited the 25th Street location on a Friday evening around 5:00 pm and ordered take-out dinner.

This was my first time visiting Taste This Baltimore at the Charles Village location.  I’d visited the previous soul food restaurant that occupied that space so I had an idea of what the interior would look like. Taste This Baltimore is a take-out restaurant with a few tables for dine-in seating option. The ordering counter has three registers and behind the cashiers is an open-space kitchen.  I went to the counter and read over the paper menu and there were so many choices it took me a while to decide.  Taste This Baltimore offers the traditional soul food dishes such as: Catfish, Fried Chicken, Pork Ribs and Pork Chops. I’ve also seen photos of massive create your own baked potatoes and specialty liquor-inspired chicken wings in flavors such as: Honey Hennessy, Jose‘ Tequila and Lime, Mango Bacardi Rum and Pineapple Ciroc BBQ. I decided on the smothered pork chop dinner and because I was sharing this meal with a friend, I also ordered a single rack of BBQ Ribs.

Smothered Pork Chop with Collard Greens and Macaroni & Cheese
BBQ Pork Ribs on a bed of rice

Let me say that the portions are huge! With the open kitchen concept, I could see the server give me two hearty scoops of macaroni and cheese.  The pork chop was also large and served with a healthy bed of rice.  The collard greens were cut and seasoned perfectly and the mac and cheese was flavorful.  The BBQ ribs sauce recipe had just the right amount of tangy BBQ flavor and as you can see from the photo the meat was falling off the bone. I would have liked for the pork chop to be more tender but the gravy and seasoning made up for that. For the amount of food I ordered the pricing was very reasonable, the pork chop dinner was $7.95 and the side of ribs were $4.95.

Apparently I’m not the only one that likes the portions and prices because service started to pick up right after 5:00 pm when I placed my order.  When I arrived there were three people waiting and when I left… 45 minutes later, there were 10 people waiting for orders.

I also recently visited on my lunch break and ordered the daily lunch special Seafood Caesar Salad. I initially asked for an extra dressing but didn’t use it because the salad was tossed in enough dressing.

seafood caesar
Seafood Caesar Salad with Grilled Salmon, Grilled Shrimp and Crabmeat

My advice would be to call ahead and order so that you won’t have to wait, I will be doing that in the future. I think I will order the wings and a loaded potato on my next visit.

Have you visited Taste This Baltimore? What did you order? What is your favorite?

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