If you mention the word “Bottomless” to me I get excited, especially if you are speaking about food or drink. I’ve recently heard some buzz about Cava Mezze (1302 Fleet Street), a fairly new restaurant in Harbor East, Baltimore. The main thing I heard about was their .1 bottomless mimosas…yes one cent! This Sunday I went there with my best friend to check it out.


The weekend bottomless brunch is from 11:00 am – 3:30 pm, so we knew we had to get there extra early or a little late to beat the crowd. As my best friend and I pulled up to the restaurant around 2:00 pm,  we noticed there was a small crowd of seven people outside. Inside all tables and booths were occupied.  I overheard the host ask a party of five if they had reservations and there would be a 30-40 minute wait. Because it was just us two, the friendly host advised us that there was seating space at the bar. We actually prefer the bar seating because you get better service and a faster return on your requests because the bartender is in eyeshot. If you are coming with a party of three or more, I would suggest making reservations.


We went to the bar and was greeted by a the bartender, he began to tell us the deal with the bottomless brunch and mimosas.  The brunch is a $30.00 flat fee and it’s all you can eat, you can choose whatever you want from a menu of 21 items. The items are served on small plates in smaller portions, perfect for sharing. The mimosas are .1 if you purchase the brunch option and they are also bottomless. If you don’t want the all-you-can-eat brunch,  the mimosas are $5.00 each. They also offer $2.00 Bloody Mary or Sangria with the bottomless brunch option.  I ordered an orange juice mimosa and my best friend ordered a grapefruit juice mimosa.


We chatted with two young ladies sitting beside us at the bar and they had already ordered six items and gave us their suggestions.  Needless to say we went to town with out brunch choices…

MINI CAVA BREAKFAST – fried egg, potato hash and bacon
BREAKFAST BURRITO – chicken sage sausage, eggs, feta, tomato, onion, harissa topped with Greek yogurt
SALMON BENNIE – hickory smoked, dill, hollandaise and capers
CHICKEN SAGE SAUSAGE- house made chicken sausage and sage
GRILLED CHEESE- tomato, aged barrel feta, oregano and olive oil
NUTELLA WAFFLE- walnuts, nutella, bananas and cream
SKILLET CAKE – pancakes with chocolate chips, powdered sugar and whipped cream
VILLAGE FRITATTA- spinach, egg, feta, leeks and green onion
FRENCH TOAST- thick cut challah, honey, berries and cream
BANANAS FRITTERS – honey, walnuts and powdered sugar
CRISPY PORK BELLY- Berkshire pork, thyme and honey

The food came out really fast, maybe 10 minutes after we ordered it. I would suggest ordering items in sets of three or four because it can get cold fast if you aren’t eating it right away.

Everything that we ordered was delicious.  I especially liked the meats and the sweets.   The chicken sausage with sage was so good that we ordered another serving.  The bacon that came with the Mini Cava Breakfast was think and filling. The Crispy Pork Belly was excellent and the honey added a sweetness to the savory pork. All of the sweet items were great. The Banana Fritters were my favorite, they remind me of the apple fritters my grandmother makes and my best friend especially liked the Nutella Waffle.

This restaurant atmosphere was chill and relaxing, letting all the light come in from the large open windows at the front.  They played 90’s music and kept the mimosas coming.  When the weather breaks I know this will be a popular brunch location in Harbor East.


Have you been to the Bottomless Brunch at Cava Mezze? What did you think?

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