Frazier’s On The Avenue has been a staple in Hampden since 1939.  Originally located on 33rd Street and Elm Ave (hence the name …On The Avenue), it is now located at 916 W. 36th Street.



I recently visited Frazier’s with three co-workers and my empty stomach.  This was my first time at the restaurant/bar so I asked my lunch companions for suggestions.  My co-worker Mark was very excited about ordering the tater tots.

Loaded Tots

Apparently the Tater Tots are a big deal because they have their own section on the menu. With six varieties to choose from – chili, crab, loaded, pizza, plain and hangover hash, Mark ordered the loaded tots with nacho cheese and bacon. The tots came with sides of  chipotle ketchup and sriracha ranch.  I’m a serious cheese lover, but I’m not a fan of nacho or cheese whiz. I tasted one tot with the sriracha ranch and it tasty.  I think the dipping sauce masked my dislike for nacho cheese.  Mark on the other hand loved them and scarfed them down.  If nacho cheese is your thing, I think you will like the tots.

I ordered a cup of Maryland Crab Soup as my appetizer.

Maryland Crab Soup

The soup was seasoned well with lots of vegetables, but not a lot of crab meat.  That’s the problem I always find with crab soups, restaurants don’t add enough meat.

One of my co-workers suggested the shrimp salad sandwich, so I ordered that.


The shrimp were a nice size and they were plentiful.  The amount of shrimp in my sandwich definitely made up for the lack of crab meat in my soup.

Another co-worker ordered the Turkey Club Sandwich and that was huge also with lots of meat.


My lunch companions also suggested that I order the fries well done.  They said the fries are fresh-cut and are sometimes not cooked properly. The fries weren’t a favorite, they were a little wilted and not crispy like fries should be.  This was to be expected because I was pre-warned.

I think Frazier’s On The Avenue is a cute lunch restaurant if you’re looking to grab a good sandwich or burger.