Every once in a while I like to take a break from my busy day and have lunch with my co-workers. I’ve heard it’s good to take a short break and step outside for some fresh air. One of my new co-worker mentioned she prefers gluten-free food and wanted to try Sweet 27 Cupcakes and Cafe (123 W 27th Street) because they offer gluten-free items, vegan, vegetarian and soy free items.


We pulled up to the cutest colorful storefront cafe in the Remington neighborhood.  Inside was just as colorful with lots of character.  The cafe dining area is small with about six dining tables. Connected to the cafe is the actual bakery and a larger restaurant space. The cafe does have a variety of cupcakes on display under the register in a large glass refrigerated case.


They offer flavors such as – Lemon Buttercream, German Chocolate, and Chocolate Raspberry Ganache. In addition to the cupcakes they also bake cookies and other assorted cakes and pies. Everything on the menu is not gluten-free or vegetarian, they also offer carnivorous items.

Lamb Kabob with Rice and Salad
Lamb Burger with Salad
Spiced Sweet Potatoes

I ordered the Lamb Kabobs with rice and side salad.  For some reason I thought they would come on a skewer, but they were three medium-sized lamb patties the size of sliders.  The lamb was drizzled with a mild spiced chutney sauce.  My side salad was colorful and included mandarin orange pieces, green apple slices and spiced chutney dressing.  My coworker ordered the lamb burger with a side salad.  The lamb was seasoned well and cooked to the perfect consistency.  We also ordered the Spiced Sweet Potatoes to share.  I’m used to the southern soul food sweet potatoes and I was a little skeptical to try the spiced, but they were tasty and better than I expected. I passed on the cupcake, but my gluten-free coworker ordered one and she said it was delicious.

Maybe next time I visit I’ll try one of the gluten-free or vegan items.