On a spur of the moment coffee break, a work friend suggested I meet her at Dovecote Café (2501 Madison Ave).  Located in the Druid Hill neighborhood, just minutes from the park, Dovecote Café is a quant coffee house nestled in a residential neighborhood.


When I pulled up to the GPS assisted ending point and got out of the car I noticed a cute chalkboard outside of a well manicured storefront location.  I walked closer towards the entrance, looked down and read ” Parkview Pharmacy”.  How Cool! I think including some of the original architecture was a good call because it shows character.


Character is everywhere in this café.  Opposite walls display large framed tapestry along with other artwork on display and for sale.  Around the front counter,  fresh fruit and coffee are also on display. I later learned they use the food items as ingredients in the dishes they cook.





Once inside the café I was greeted with smiling faces from behind the counter.  Two female employees were very friendly and helpful.  I told them that it was my first time visiting and they gave me a brief once over of what they offer – coffee, cakes, pies, breakfast items and free Wifi.    I just wanted a coffee, but my friend was going on and on about the peach cake.  After speaking with the female employees I learned they were two of the three owners.  One asked me how I liked my coffee and pulled out five colorful wooden flat slabs.


I was excited about this because I’m a visual person.  I immediately knew what coffee I wanted … Honeypot, not too strong and not too weak, right in the middle. My friend ordered the peach cake, I took a bite and it was delicious.  Soft and moist like a pound cake with robust hints of sweet peach flavor.  I tried to order my own slice, but my friend had gotten the last one.  One of the owners told us that her Mom makes the sweets and her Mom came in about 10 minutes later and we gave our compliments to the chef.

Peachcake and Coffee

My friend also ordered a sweet potato frittata that was also delicious.  She mentioned that she liked how it was served, warm and not too hot.  I took a bit and knew I had to recreate that at home… look forward to an easy frittata recipe in a future post.

I only planned on staying there for 30 minutes but I think I was there for 1 1/2 hours.  The other patrons were regular customers and my friend and I were talking to them while eating and enjoying our coffee.

Breakfast Panini with egg, turkey bacon, spinach, avocado and cheddar cheese.

On another visit, I ordered the breakfast panini and it was perfectly made. It was large with lots of egg and everything was fresh.  They also served a side salad with it, that was a first for me and I enjoyed the salad with my sandwich.

Dovecote Café is truly the definition of a family-friendly neighborhood café.  If you are ever in the area or even if you aren’t it’s definitely worth a visit.

Have you been to Dovecote Café?  What did you like best?

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