In honor of Bacon Day, a holiday/food that I love dearly, I’m reminiscing of that one time I visited Bad Decisions Bar for their monthly Bacon and Beer Night. Bad Decisions Bar (1928 Fleet Street) is located in Fells Point, Baltimore.  I always drive by the bar on my way to Canton and I’ve always chuckled at the name but never stopped to go inside.  On this particular day, Fat Tuesday 2015 to be exact, a friend invited me to go with her and check out the bacon specials.

Clockwise from top left: Beef and Bacon Grits, Bacon Sazerac and Bacon King Cake

Honestly I thought it would be a normal happy hour menu with maybe two or three choices, but this menu was made specifically for a bacon fest event.  There were three appetizer options, four cocktail options, two dessert options and five entree options that all included bacon. When my friend and I went to the bar to order the patrons sitting at the bar were very friendly and they schooled us on the evening’s selections. I was surprised to find out that a few dishes were already sold out…note to self, next time get there early.  I decided to order the beef and bacon grits which were very tasty, but a bit soupy.  It would have been better if they branded as a beef and bacon stew.  My dessert the Bacon King Cake was awesome!  It was freshly made with the sweet icing and the bacon bits gave it a salty kick.

Bad Decisions Bar recently celebrated their 50th Bacon and Beer Night.  I’m happy to see they are still going strong. I have to visit again in the near future because I hear they change the menu each time.  For more information on dates for Bacon and Beer Night, visit their website at

What is your favorite bacon dish?