The official start of Winter is right around the corner,  but for most of the United States and here in Baltimore it still feels like an Autumn September day.  Warm days like these call for tropical cocktails and Pen & Quill in Station North, Baltimore has the best Tiki Tuesday in town. Possibly the only Tiki Tuesday in town, at least the only one I’ve come across, offers a variety of tropical themed cocktails complete with fresh ingredients and fruit garnishes.

I’ve been to  Pen & Quill a handful of times, but I can specifically remember two times I visited on a Tuesday. The first time was on a whim and I liked the cocktails so much that I went back on another Tuesday.

“Zombie” Cocktail at Pen & Quill

My favorite tiki cocktail at Pen & Quil is the “Zombie”.  It’s not your typical tropical drink, it’s sweet but strong.  So strong that the menu has a warning “a limit of two per customer is necessary lest it carry you away to the other side”.  What a warning! My kind of drink.  The “Zombie” includes a blend of three rums, fresh juices and marachino liquor.

Tiki Tuesday Cocktails at Pen & Quill

They also offer classic cocktails such as the Mai Tai or Pina Colada (rum, coconut, pineapple and lime.)  They even have a local themed cocktail “Baltimore Grog” that includes a blend of three rums, grapefruit, lime and honey syrup.

There are nine cocktails total on the Tiki Tuesday menu, they are $10.00 each and all except one includes rum. The other ingredients and juices are made fresh by the Pen & Quill bar staff.

If you are looking for a tropical getaway on random Tuesday evening, visit Pen & Quill (1710 N. Charles Street) or use the ingredients mentioned above and make your own tropical drinks at home.

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