I was introduced to India cuisine about four years ago.  My first taste of Indian was Chicken Tikka Masala and I’ve loved it since that moment.  If I really think about it, that was the perfect introduction because that dish encompassed the essence of Indian cuisine, a balance of sweet and spicy.   India cuisine in my opinion is like soul food because it’s hearty and filling, but unlike soul food it’s a bit expensive.  A serving of chicken tikka masala can run you $15.00 and that includes the rice, chicken and masala sauce but doesn’t always include the cost of the naan bread.

My best friend lives in downtown Baltimore and she took me to Lumbini (322 N. Charles Street) for lunch and to my surprise it was buffet style!  All of my favorites, all I can eat for the reasonable price of $12.99.




This Gold glass is EVERYTHING! Love It!

Have you been to Lumbini?  What’s your favorite Indian dish?  If you like like Lumbini or Indian Cuisine, check out my review of Darbar in Fells Point, Baltimore.