I’m not a healthy food loving person.  The food I tend to like is greasy, fattening and bad for your health (bacon lovers unite!).   But I do love a good salad on any given day of the week. I know I know… not all salads are healthy,  but with all the veggie variations I like to think they are.

Salmon Salad

One of the best salads I’ve had recently was the Grilled Salmon Cobb Salad from B&O American Brasserie (2 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD).  The salad is only available during lunch hours, however I went once after 5:00 pm and asked for the salad and they made it happen.  It took a little longer because after lunch they swap the lunch menu items for the dinner menu items, but it was worth the wait.  I’ve been there for lunch a few times and each time the salad was phenomenal. The ingredients are fresh and the salmon is cooked to perfection – golden and moist with a flaky crust.  The salmon is seared first and then put in the oven to finished the crisp outer layer and seal in all the juices.

The other ingredient that makes the salad delicious is the Green Goddess Dressing.  I’ve seen this dressing just recently in the dressing aisle at the supermarket but I’ve never purchased it.  The dressing is mayonnaise based with sour cream, anchovies, garlic, chives, parsley, lemon and pepper.  There are other variations of the recipe and other add different seasonings to it but the aforementioned ingredients are the basis of the dressing.

If you are looking for a little adventure in your salads, try this Green Goddess Dressing Recipe I found on SimplyRecipes.com.