I love when a publication releases their “Best Of” recommendations because I’m always curious to see if my favorite hot spots and restaurants make the list.

Baltimore’s City Paper released their annual issue and I have to say I agree with their findings.  Below are three that caught my attention because I totally agree…


  1.  Best Deviled Eggs –  Funny thing is, I had their deviled eggs literally two days ago and I thought they were delicious.  A little pricey though, $6.00 for 3 eggs.   My friend however thought they were too salty and tart.  I enjoyed them because that’s they way my family makes deviled eggs and I’m assuming that tart taste was a little mustard. Yummm!
  2. Best Cheap Breakfast –  I absolutely LOVE Wyman Park Deli.  I frequent that area for work and their breakfast is cheap and good.  When I order a breakfast platter I get a heaping scoop of home fries, three eggs and eight slices of bacon! The cost of the platter is around $7.00 …lots of bang for my buck.
  3. Worst Chipotle – Sadly the Hampden Chipotle is one of the worst I’ve visited in Baltimore.  They are always out of something and the staff is so blah…no enthusiasm, no urgency. And for some reason they are always sitting out in the dining area chilling on their phones.  It definitely made me switch back to the Johns Hopkins Univ. Chipotle on St. Paul.

Check out the full list here and tell me what you think.  What are some that you agree with?