Smoking cigars have a history of being a masculine hobby.  Even though I love the smell of cigar smoke, I don’t fancy myself a cigar smoker.  I do have a female friend that smokes cigars and I’ve visited Davidus Cigars (1300 Bank Street) with her on more than one occasion.  We ran into the owner at another event and he invited us to their monthly “Ladies Night” Happy Hour.


Davidus Cigars is located in Harbor East, Baltimore next to Heavy Seas Alehouse.  Davidus and Heavy Seas actually share an outdoor space that they’ve turned into an outdoor cigar lounge and beer garden.  In the outdoor space you can enjoy a cigar and order food and drink from Heavy Seas Alehouse.

Once inside, it’s very cozy. All business in the front with large cigar storage, scales and other paraphernalia.  The back area is a lounge with leather seating and two large televisions.


There were about 20 men already there when we (myself and two other women) arrived and about four women.   During the time I was there I would say there were about 13 women total that trickled in throughout the night.  A few of them were friendly and offered to help us when we were ready to pick out a cigar.

Luckily on “Ladies Night” we eat free.  Davidus Cigars ordered  yummy appetizers from Heavy Seas Alehouse.  My friends and I ordered a growler of beer from Heavy Seas to wash the food down.


I don’t think I’ve ever eaten from Heavy Seas Alehouse before so this was an exciting first.  The appetizers included tater tots topped with crab dip, fried pickles, sausage sliders, and wings.  The crab dip was prepared well, delicious and at the right consistency.  I’m not sure the exact flavor of the wings but they were sticky and sweet with a hint of spice.. very tasty.

Overall it was a low-key event and something ladies should check out if you are interested in cigars. Ladies Night is held every first Wednesday of the month.

What is your favorite cigar?  I would love to hear your suggestions.