What happens when bottomless brunch is not “bottomless”?   On a recent visit to a popular chain restaurant , I experienced first-hand mimosa rejection and shame.

Bonefish Grill is one of my favorite chain restaurants because I’ve always gotten a certain satisfaction in knowing that  if I go there for happy hour, I will leave tipsy and happy.  They offer $5.00 and $6.00 cocktails that are strong and delicious; both are hard to find in a happy hour drink, it’s always one or the other.  I’ve never had a complaint about the quality of my drink or the service. My friend and I were looking for somewhere different to go for brunch and we decided on the “endless bubbles brunch”  at Bonefish Grill.

The “endless bubbles brunch” is $19.99.  The menu clearly states the brunch  includes an entree and “endless bellinis, mimosas, or blackberry sangria”. The full lunch and dinner menu is also available for brunch.  I ordered the California Omelet with a side of their famous Potatoes Au Gratin,  Creme Brulee French Toast and Bang Bang Shrimp… and yes that was all for me.


The bang bang shrimp are a Bonefish favorite that never disappoints.  The omelet was light, fluffy an perfectly prepared.  I would have preferred more seasoning on my omelet, maybe season salt, salt & pepper, or old bay…something…anything.

Bonefish2 The Creme Brulee French Toast was a hit.  It was cut in long thick slices, perfect for sharing and syrup dipping.  It was coated in a sweet, thick caramelized sugar glaze.

My friend and I were eating, drinking, laughing, and catching up on old times. Everything was going swell until I ordered another mimosa and the waitress said, “Well the brunch says bottomless, but it isn’t really bottomless.”  I was confused and asked her to explain this to me again and she said, “I’m sorry, but you’ve had five (5) mimosas already within the last two hours and we can not serve you anymore because you are at the limit.”   I was FLOORED!  Bottomless means Bottomless!   My friend and I nicely asked to speak with a manager. We wanted to be clear about the “endless bubbles” advertisement and the limitations.


Our waitress returned ten minutes later and informed us that the manager said we can have one more mimosa but that is our last one.  Not only did the manager not come to our table to tell us that personally, but he did not answer our initial question.  I found this to be very insulting.  Not only was I made to feel like a lush for asking for a 6th mimosa served in a small champagne flute,  but you didn’t have the respect to come over to our table.

I’m still of fan of their food and cocktails, but needless to say Bonefish Grill definitely lost points for this visit and I will not return there for brunch.