Two weeks ago  I braved the freezing rain to attend the Target launch party for Oyin Handmade natural hair care products.  The event was held at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Baltimore.  Like most hotels, the Hilton has a banquet space and catering team on site and it’s frequently used for hosting events. This was my first time attending a catered event at the Hilton and I was pleasantly surprised at the menu and set-up.

OHM3These super cute salad skewers were the first thing I saw as I approached the food display.  I’ve never seen a better way to display just the perfect amount of salad.


The shrimp and grits display was another first for me.  Though the display looks cute and the size appropriate, it wasn’t a practical choice.  I personally like warm and creamy grits and with this presentation the grits were a little cold because they’d been sitting on the display table for a while.


The Apple Fritters were easily my favorite because I managed to get a second and third serving.


And for dessert…




How cute are these food options?  I’m not sure what I prefer most, the food or the display.