Salted rim or Sugar ? Frozen or On the Rocks? Spicy or Sweet?  With so many ways to mix the perfect Margarita, everyone can get in on the action during National Margarita Day (February 22).

I was recently gifted a bottle of Patron Citronge Orange Liqueur  and I used it to make the perfect Citronge Margarita. Patron is the popular brand that makes one of the finest tequila,naturally it only makes sense for them to venture into liqueurs especially an orange flavored liqueur because Triple Sec is very popular and in many recipes.  The classic Margarita recipe includes, tequila, sour mix, and triple sec.  For those that don’t know, Triple Sec is an orange-flavored liqueur used to make a variety cocktails.  In the recipe below,  I’ve replaced the classic triple sec for a more natural and pure orange flavor found in Patron Citronge. 

What you need:


1 oz Gold Tequila

1 1/2 ounces of Patron Citronge

1 Lemon, 1 Lime, and 1/2 Orange


Juice the lime, lemon, 1/2 orange and pour into a cocktail shaker (I sometimes like to make my own sweet/sour mix for margaritas, mainly because it gives the drink an authentic taste….More on my juicing method in an upcoming post)

Add Ice, Tequila Gold, and Patron Citronge

Shake Well and Serve with Orange slice

*Makes 1 serving


What is your favorite Margarita?

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