Of all the restaurants I visit in Baltimore, I have to admit I never thought I would be writing a review about Mo’s Seafood.   I’m not saying that Mo’s Seafood is unworthy of a review, but It’s a famous Baltimore staple and because I was raised in Baltimore, I’ve been to Mo’s numerous times and I was sort of…over it.

But on a Friday night I was invited to visit the newest location in White Marsh, so I decided to give it a go.  Pulling up to the restaurant I was impressed with the Tuscan-style exterior.  I could see the restaurant was full of people as we drove by the big windows along the front entrance.  Once inside, my friend and I managed to snag a couple of stools at the bar and lucky for us the stools were available because there was a wait for a table.  I counted about 10 televisions mounted on the walls making it a prime destination for watching sporting events.

I glanced over the menu and after a few suggestions from friends I settled on the Salmon Imperial…and I’m glad I did!

Salmon Imperial

The salmon imperial was served over roasted potatoes and my choice of a side.  I opted for the vegetable medley topped with parmesan cheese.  The vegetables (broccoli and carrots) were a little hard and could have been steamed a little longer, but the salmon did not disappoint.  The salmon was moist and flavorful and the imperial was made with large chunks of crabmeat and  stuffed with two large scallops and two large shrimp. The imperial sauce was tangy with a little kick.  I forgot how good Mo’s Seafood really is and not to mention reasonably priced, my meal was only $15.00.  The portion size was large which I like, large enough for leftovers the next day.

Mo’s has Happy Hour from 4-7pm and again 10pm until close.  The happy hour menu features $6.00 appetizers and a variety of drink specials.   It’s safe to say that Mo’s Seafood will see me again soon, preferably the location in White Marsh because I feel like we had a connection…wouldn’t want to mess up a good thing.