Over the weekend I celebrated the birthday of a really good friend. While pre-gaming at her crib I had the opportunity to taste the new Birthday Cake Vineyards Cheesecake Wine.


The creators of this wine also make Hpnotiq and Nuvo.  If you’re not familiar with those brands,  they are both sweet liqueurs that can be mixed with liquor or chilled and served alone.  I’ve seen the four flavors of Birthday Cake Wine in my local liquor store but never had the guts to buy it, so naturally I was excited when my friend offered it up to sample.

I sampled the Cheesecake flavor and as I expected it was sweet.  It does not have a subtle sweetness like Moscato, but just like the bottle says it “taste like real cheesecake”.  This wine of course would be considered a dessert wine and in my opinion should be served with dessert, after a meal, or on special occasions such as a birthday.  I suggest sharing it with friends at a party or giving it to the party hostess as a gift.  I’m looking forward to buying a bottle of my own and mixing it with other ingredients and creating a specialty cocktail.

Birthday Cake Vineyards wine is priced at $12.99 and is available in four flavors: Cheesecake,  Coffee Cake, Cake Batter, and Black Forest Cake. Birthday-Cake-Collage