BCRW2014Not to be outdone by Baltimore [City] Restaurant Week, Baltimore County begins their Restaurant Week January 10th – 26th 2014.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit the restaurant that you drive by everyday on your way to work or maybe you want to try that restaurant your friend is always talking about, well now is the perfect time to sample 3-courses of deliciousness while sticking to your budget and not breaking the bank.

For two weeks to be exact, Baltimore County features over 50 restaurants offering 3-course lunch for $20.14 and 3-course dinner for $35.14.

The participating restaurant list can be overwhelming, so here are a few things to consider before venturing out.

1.  Make Reservations – You are not the only one who wants a crab cake this weekend from Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse.  Everybody has the same date-night ideas during Restaurant Week, so it’s better to be safe and make a reservation than to be sorry and turned away because of limited space and availability.

2. Check The Menu –  The link above has access to the menu at each participating restaurant so take a gander, look at your options beforehand and decide exactly where and what you would like to eat.

3.  Read Reviews –  I have been to most of the restaurants on the list, but sadly I haven’t written any reviews on them…yet.  While you’re waiting for my fabulous reviews, be sure to Google search or check YELP for reviews on atmosphere, location, service, and quality, this will help you manage your time and money more efficiently during restaurant week.

Happy Restaurant Week!!!