I’ve been coveting a Keurig Coffee Maker for about a year now and luckily I received one as a Christmas gift.


The Keurig system comes with a 20 K-Cup variety pack of Coffee and Teas, and of course I’ve already drank them all  except the Hot Chocolate.  Winter is finally here and what better time to whip up a Hot Chocolate Cocktail.

HCKConFor this recipe I used:

1 oz. Pinnacle Marshmallow Vodka

Add it to the Hot Chocolate

Top with CREAM Vanilla (Alcohol Infused) Whipped Cream


I was introduced to CREAM Alcohol Whipped Cream some time ago and I’ve loved it ever since.  It’s very hard to find because every liquor store doesn’t stock it.  They come in a variety of flavors such as, chocolate, caramel, raspberry, cherry, vanilla, and orange.  It’s also very versatile because I’ve used it in coffee, with Bailey’s Liqueur, and on cakes and pastries.


My photo above is a lame display of the whipped cream because the can wasn’t at room temperature. The back of the can suggest “Serve at Room Temperature.  If Cream becomes runny due to hot or cold temperatures, let can return to room temperature.”  When I purchased the can it was on display at the front entrance of the liquor store and I assume the cold draft caused it to be a little runny, but let me tell you… it’s still delicious!!

What is your favorite Boozy Hot Chocolate Drink?