Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope you had a safe and fulfilling holiday season, I know I did. Christmas was great and New Years Eve was even better.  On NYE, some friends and I celebrated at Mosaic Nightclub (4 Market Place) in Baltimore.  This was our second year celebrating at Mosaic because we had so much fun last year we decided to do it again.


We also like the  VIP bottle service that Mosaic offers on NYE – unlimited bottles from 9:00 pm until midnight.  I was excited to see our cocktail waitresses were dressed in “Queen of Hearts”  costumes and  I have to admit I was a little jealous because I love to wear theme-inspired costumes. Last year our spirit of choice was Belvedere and this year  Ciroc.

Mosaic 7-1

Ciroc is always a good choice liquor if you’re going to drink all night because I find  it gives you little or no hangover symptoms the next morning.  We had a group of about 15 people and I’m almost certain we went through 5-7 bottles of Ciroc…at some point I lost count.

Normally when you opt for a table and bottle service it includes one liquor with two or three mixers. Vodka and Tonic is good, Vodka and Cranberry is good, but I personally like to shake things up a bit.  Luckily we had Ciroc Peach & Ciroc Original and I was able to experiment.   I thought I’d share a few recipes with you…

1.  Ciroc Original, Tonic, Redbull, Squeeze of Lime

2.  Peach Ciroc, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice, Squeeze of Lemon

3.  Ciroc Berry, Tonic, Squeeze of Lemon and Lime

I hope these easy mixes come in handy for your 2013 party enjoyment!  Be Safe and Be Blessed 🙂