The historic area of Fells Point in Downtown Baltimore has added another trendy attraction on the cobblestoned corner of Thames and Bond streets. Bond Street Social is a hybrid restaurant that also doubles as an upscale sports bar and cocktail lounge. Newly opened in October 2011, the idea of mixing dinner, drinks, and dancing together in one location is a great one and definitely a change from the previous DuClaw Brewing Company that occupied the same building before closing its doors in 2009. At Bond Street Social the primary goal is to promote a social atmosphere among all guests and patrons that visit the establishment.

Walking up to the entry of the restaurant I was amazed by the large floor to ceiling windows surrounding the sides of the building.  The large windows are inviting. During the day they welcome the light and give a certain ambiance at night with the soft glare of the outside lights.  Once inside the décor is warm and inviting.  The hardwood floors and rock walls have the feel of a Brooklyn brownstone apartment. The wooden panel walls and marbled fireplaces anchor the room along with a cozy fire pit that sits in the middle of the dining area.

 I originally made reservations for a group of six, but later discovered we would be joined by a few more in our group. The friendly hostess and server worked together swiftly to locate a larger table and accommodated our party of eight within a matter of 20 minutes.

The greatest start to any meal is a tasty cocktail and Bond Street Social boasts a full bar complete unique “social drinks” that cannot be found anywhere else.

“Cocoa Cosmo” Martini with Liquid Nitrogen

My personal favorite cocktails on the menu are the Liquid Nitrogen Martinis. They were so exciting mainly because the bartender advised me to wait 2-3 minutes before taking a sip so that the dry ice added to my drink would not harm me. I ordered the “Cocoa Cosmo” martini made with raspberry vodka, cordials, and sprite. The bartenders seem to be very skilled in the art of mixology because I later asked the bartender to make something “special” for me with Apple Puckers and I was pleased with the result of a gingerbread rimmed martini that taste like caramel apple candy.

The menu was described by the server as “social plates,” meant for ordering in groups and shared by everyone at the table. I would describe them as artfully crafted appetizers or tapas. Compliments of the restaurant our party munched on Corn Bread Muffins with Jalapeno Butter.

Bond Chicken Skewers

Later, we blissfully ordered the Rock Shrimp Tacos, Corn Bread Crusted Mozzarella Sticks, Mac & Cheese Bites, Bond Street Burger Sliders, and the Chicken & Biscuits. I especially liked the citrus slaw that was served on the Chicken & Biscuits. It added an unexpected flavor to the cheesy biscuits and spicy chicken. The shrimp in the Rock Shrimp Tacos were pleasantly fresh, and I must admit I did not expect them to be because normally when preparing seafood for appetizer purposes it can taste old and processed. The tacos were served on soft shell pita bread with black beans, lettuce, and a remoulade glaze. My only regret is that we didn’t order more food because the menu items are served in different quantities; Sliders (2), Tacos (3), Mozzarella Sticks (4), etc. Needless to say I was still hungry after the kitchen closed at 11:00 p.m.

I know 11:00 is a premature time to close the kitchen on a weekend, but it closes early for good reason because midnight is when the real fun begins. The tables are rearranged, the lights are dimmed and restaurant brings in a live DJ to get the guests up and on their feet, ready to mix, mingle and dance the night away.